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Secockpit Tool Discount Coupon & Secockpit for Top Seo Tips!

Hello,Welcome to my secockpit Blog,my name is Tina Posey.I am a professional Seoer for 10 years.When you visit this page.I think you are trying to find a good keywords tool.Secockpit is a great keywords tool I use for about 2 Years.Today I want to Discuss the software with you and also Give Discount coupon so can save you some money if you decide to buy Se-Cockpit!

First,Let's watch a Secockpit Video to learn how Secockpit work!

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Ok,If you watched the secockpit video,you will find secockpit is really a good keyword tool.then let's give you an overview with text,What's Secockpit?

SECockpit is a fantastic software to hand the boring work regarding niche research. Web masters usually state that niche research is probably the most crucial element of developing a powerful web site however what they neglect to perform is by using the correct tools to assist them to find the perfect key phrases on the market. This exploring procedure could be long-term and also mind-boggling specifically for people that have very limited time or simply beginning. That's in which SECockpit is important. It is probably the best for reducing the time you may spend analysis whilst enhancing the proficiency with the results provided.

SECockpit makes use of Google and yahoo as search engines, however SECockpit has combined with SEOmoz to offer details extrapolation that's complete, together with info for example niche stability as well as back link details. Not just is the information complete and straightforward to read, it's provided within a lightning-fast way. Because the files are go over SECockpit Is highly effective servers, that have been designed to evade the constraints designed to the yahoo and google, the data occurs expeditiously and with no Ip banning which people frequently experience when searching for keywords as well as niche marketing words.

In order to let you learn more about the software,I list some main functions of the Secockpit,Here I quote is from Warrior Forum Here:

Here is a summary of my full review:

  1. The range and diversity of the keywords – You can greatly
    increase the number and diversity of keywords you are searching for by using the SECockpit Google Suggestions and Wonderwheel options.
  2. Competition Analysis – Most significantly, the competition analysis makes use of data supplied by SEOmoz.
    In the event that you are not familiar with SEOmoz, they crawl the internet and gather their own search data and metrics which are far more comprehensive not to mention more accurate than what Google offers.
  3. SECockpit is a web based App – Meaning the application is Operating System independent because it runs in your preferred browser.
    It also comes with the advantage that your IP address won’t receive a temporary ban from Google for performing too many requests in a short period. In addition, because the processing is carried out in the cloud, the results tend to be fast, even if you are on the economy plan.
  4. Integrated Project and Job Management – I have as yet not used the project and task abilities of SECockpit, I can see that they would be useful for some people, even though I suspect most users wouldn’t bother with it as they have their very own methods for tracking their projects.
  5. SEOmoz on it's own costs $99 per month, if you get SECockpit you pay less plus you benefit from all the SEOmoz data.
  6. Makes it easier to find keywords in niche's that are less competitive but still have good search volumes, this feature is more intuitive than MS comp module, you don't have to click keywords individually to get an overview of the competition.

Secockpit Vs Market Samurai,When mentioned the keywords tool,We have to compare Secockpit with Market Samurai:

SE Cockpit


- Extremely efficient, you can run multiple queries at once, they will all run in the background since SE Cockpit runs in the cloud (you can even close the browser if you want
- Comes with a free keyword tracker! (you set it once and let it gather daily reports for you)
- Lets you find pure gems of keywords (just this alone pays for the monthly fee). SEO the crap outta them and bank
- Allows you to better determine Google's first page competition with a single click (vs. MS which you must check every keyword one by one, takes time)
- No need to update


- Sometimes will hang, just need to refresh the page
- Interface slightly quirky at times (won't always tag keywords properly, have to refresh the page)... MS has its share of quirks as well mind you
- Will return somewhat unrelated keywords at times
- Higher price, but you get your money's worth let me tell you

Market Samurai


- Allows you to find an insane amount of relevant keywords that SE Cockpit won't find
- Keywords found relate better to your initial query. SE Cockpit will
sometimes return weird, unrelated keywords, even when you choose the AdWords option
- You can tweak your keyword research with many more parameters (traffic, ctr, comp, seo value, etc...)


- Slower
- Interface can be glitchy at time
- Slightly more difficult to use
- Overall takes a little bit more time to find what you are looking for
- Auto updates very often (lately not as much as before but still). Updates take about 1 minute to complete, it's pretty quick.
- Comes with keyword tracker, but you can only track 10 keywords at a time if you don't want to pay extra

I mean, we all have different experiences, or use them in different ways, but this is what I've seen with both. I use them both every day!

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I also found another thread give overview of the Secockpt as follows:

SECockpit is hands down the most complete keyword tool on the market right now. It's probably also the most expensive one but after using this tool you will know that the price is totally worth it.

In this SECockpit review I want to give you a quick overview of what you get with SECockpit. If you came here because of the discount offer you can find it at the end of this review.

So I want to keep this short and sweet. First here are some facts about this keyword tool:

    Web-based, no need to install any software
    Super fast, analyzing hundreds of keywords in seconds
    Built in SEO competition analysation based on real data
    Project folders to save keywords for specific niches
    EMD finder
    CPC and Adwords competition feature for Adsense sites
    Built in rank tracker
    Pulling keywords from 3 different sources

And these are only the main features, you really get some great amount of data with this tool. Now let's look closer at each of these features:


The whole keyword tool is web-based so you don't have to download and install any software. You can also access your keyword research data from anywhere you want and you don't have to worry about proxy servers and stuff like that. Even if your computer is old and slow, the keywords will get pulled super fast because it is all done on their servers.


As already mentioned, the tool will analyze hundreds of keywords in under a minute most of the time. This also includes the SEO competition data which would take ages with the usual downloadable softwares.

SEO Competition Analyzer

For every keyword it finds it shows the SEO difficulty. This is probably the most important feature of this whole tool. They show a very easy to understand bar next to each keyword. If the bar has more color the competition is more difficult and vice versa. Can't get any easier than this.

Most keyword tools just make up this SEO competition data from searches in quotes for a keyword or intitle searches. This is very outdated and is no real indication of competition. SECockpit will analyze the actual backlinks from the TOP 10 ranked sites for EVERY keyword and will also show stuff like social likes, Mozrank, Domain and Pageauthority and more.

This is the exact reason why I'm paying for this tool. It's so easy to find keywords with good searches and a low amount of competition. If you rank just one keyword that you find with SECockpit you should already recoup your monthly expenses. I'm sure you will love this feature!

Project Management

You can create a project folder for each niche or website and save all your keywords that you want to rank for in it. This way you can keep everything organized and you will have a good overview of your available keywords.

EMD Finder

SECockpit also analyzes the domain availability for every keyword. This makes finding exact match keywords a breathe.Also, this is done automatically with every search and for every keyword.

CPC and Adwords Competition

Especially if you want to create Adsense sites it is crucial to know how much money you can expect to generate for a certain keyword. You will get the CPC for every keyword and also the Adwords competition which is not only useful for Adsense sites but also to gain a general overview of how much money is spent on a given keyword.

Rank Tracker

Another very neat feature. With the built in rank tracker you can track 100 keywords from your websites for free. The tracker will search for your keywords each and every day and will show you where your site is ranked on Google. It also shows max. and min. positions etc. Very nice addon to have.

Keyword Pool

Unlike all the other keyword tools, SECockpit is pulling its keywords from three different places which are:

    Keywords from Adwords Keyword Tool
    Keywords from Google Suggest
    Keywords from Google Related Searches

This means you will find keywords that almost nobody else is finding with their usual keyword research. It will automatically find Google Suggest phrases for your seed keyword by adding the letter a-z and numbers 0-9 to the keyword. With the related searches it will take the first list from the main keyword and then also the whole list from every keyword from the first list.


The price might set some of you off but if you are into SEO and keyword research then you won't find a better tool to work with right now. It will save you a lot of time and the SEO competition analyzer is just priceless. As I said, just one ranked keyword can pay for the monthly costs of this tool and you will find plenty of keywords, trust me.

I just used one keyword I found with this tool that had an EMD available and I'm ranking on the first page of Google right now with NO backlinks at all! The keyword has a thousand exact match searches each month with targeted buyer traffic that will generate some good autopilot income.

To get to know the tool a little better I have set up a discount for you so you can try SECockpit for only $37 for the first month. This way you can make your own decision if it's worth it for you or not. They also have a 30 day money back guarantee so there is really nothing to lose.

Option 1:Click for SECockpit Discount of $37 first month Then $97/Month

Is Secockpit worth for money,is there any feedback for it,Here i quote some real user of secockpit,more detail:

Great tool for finding keywords and niches

First off let me say that you need to check out the online version first because it is amazing. The App is a great companion tool to have on the run. I use the app to capture keyword ideas and get a quick visual on potential markets. Then use the online account to drill down deeper. Love the orange and green bars to show at a glance the best areas of opportunity to focus.

It's taken me a number of years, but I've built a 7-figure internet marketing business around keywords & competition research. Out of necessity, I've become something of an expert, writing two best-selling courses along the way.

Had I had access to SECockpit from the beginning, I could have built my business in a fraction of the time, at a fraction of the cost, and avoided countless 'mistakes' - those 'failed' opportunites we've all pursue pursued because the available data and decision support simply wasn't accurate or effective enough.

In this post-Panda, post-Penguin world, the 'stakes' have gone up consderably - without the right information and the right processes, the chances of success are effectively zero. For my business, SECockpit is the only keyword tool we rely on completely and have integrated into our workflow - and the only one that's earned a 5-star recommendation in our courses.
As keyword research is such a critical part of internet marketing, I like to use various tools to help me find me great keywords. I’ve been using SECockpit since it was first released and it is by far and away the most comprehensive, accurate, fastest and easy to use keyword research tool I’ve ever used.

I think the one thing that sets SECockpit above other keyword research tools is the way SECockpit calculates the competition. Pretty much every other keyword tool I’ve seen relies on Google for all its information and competition scores. As we well know, some of the metrics gained from Google are either incorrect or incomplete. SECockpit uses a much better and more accurate method of gauging competition.

No matter you want to run business with seo or use Google Adwords,the first step is to choose a good keyword tool,Secockpit is one of them,still wait...

At last,I attached some more secockpit video Below:

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